The knowledge of fish farming may be understood by all, but why we should raise geomantic fish, we may not understand that. Next, Jinan Fish Tank after-sales Xiaobian will take you to understand, about the role of breeding geomancy fish?
  1. The goldfish that can improve the well-being of people have a calm, leisurely and comfortable appearance, which makes people look comfortable. Therefore, when a frail and sick person sees carefree goldfish in the tank, his mood will relax naturally, which is beneficial to his health, and his condition may be alleviated or recovered.
  2. Improving business finance and fish farming can improve the fortune, especially the fortune. Because water is the owner of wealth, the homonym of fish surplus represents "more than one year in a year". Goldfish is golden in color, just like pieces of gold. Goldfish can mean gold according to the criterion of clustering. So just keep goldfish in the right place, just like a treasure basin, it can bring about the effect of Attracting Wealth and making treasures, and the cause is more smooth and good things more grinding.
  3. Promote couple's affection. When a couple often quarrels over trifles, they can choose to place a fish tank in the right place and raise a pair of goldfish. Because goldfish is mild in temperament, a mild atmosphere can permeate the couple's hearts in the house and re-present the feeling of "fish in water" and "fish in water".
  Jinan Fish Tank After Sale Notify You What is the Function of Raising Fengshui Fish
  In the same way, if lonely people want to transform peach blossom transportation by raising goldfish, they also need to use a pair of goldfish, and put the fish tank on the peach blossom position, so that peach blossom from time to time, can let the lover get married.
  4. Can expedite the birth of offspring, some couples marry for many years, the house is happy, and the reproductive function is normal, but the knee is still empty, raising suitable goldfish can also help to get a man and a half women. Only in accordance with the husband's five elements, keep the appropriate number of goldfish, and the number of goldfish must live with the wife's five elements, and raise in the right position will have inspiration, in order to take Qi to promote the effect of Ding.
  5. Dissolving all kinds of evil spirits can dissolve visible and invisible evil spirits. The so-called tangible evil spirit, which is commonly referred to as "shaping evil spirit", such as sky-cutting, road-breaking, sickle-breaking and so on, only need to fit Yuanyun luck, in front of these shaping shaking doors or windows, properly placed in a circular tank, which contains black goldfish, can gasify those evil spirits to ensure a family.
  In addition, people who operate certain industries are very angry, and they can easily provoke unclean evil spirits and objects to wrap themselves around, so a fish tank in the position facing the door can dispel the angry spirits.
  6. The ups and downs of life in changing bad interpersonal relationships do not lie in the failure of career or poverty, but in the frustration of interpersonal relationships. Fighting with spouses, friends, parents and children, being condemned by supervisors, being white-eyed by colleagues and disputes with neighbours, and so on, all of these can cause mental pain.
  Therefore, we should raise live goldfish, swim in and out of the water, fish and water blend, harmonious symbiosis, its spiritual power is stronger and faster, is for the effective dynamic catalysis of harmonious atmosphere. In addition, the family fish as a leisure in life, watching the vibrant goldfish swimming in the water, can also make people feel full of vitality, especially in the outside experience of human warmth, home to see bright goldfish can also make me recover from the dead.
  Some old people who live alone or have simple families, or those who work or go to school are out. There are only old people in the family. If you only see these fixed objects such as desks, chairs, windows, doors and TV sets at home, you may easily feel lonely in the long run. Raise some goldfish and let your heart have a full share. Really feel, in order to alleviate some of the fate brought about by the emptiness and loneliness.
  The above introduction about "Jinan Fish Tank inform you what is the role of breeding geomancy fish" hopes to let you understand, want to know more, welcome to visit the website: http://www.qldwd.com

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